The*Berkley Havoc Sick Fish Swimbait is four inches long.
It was designed to mimic the bodies and fins of a variety of minnows and baitfish.
Because of its unique tail design, it *exhibits a lifelike swimming action during fast and slow retrieves.
Most Midwest finesse anglers will affix it to a 3/32-ounce Gopher Tackle Mushroom Head Jig and employ it *the same way they wield a four-inch *grub. *Other anglers can use it on either a weighted or unweighted extra-wide-gap worm hook. It will also work on a potpourri of other styles of jigs — such as darter head jig or even a shaky-head jig, as well as on *a drop-shot rig and a variety of *umbrella rigs.
It is currently available in 10 colors: chartreuse shad, clear bream, disco shad, ghost minnow, gold nugget, green penny, light hitch, swamp gas,*Tennessee shad and green pumpkin.
The suggested retail price for a package of 6 is *$3.49.
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Footnote: Several readers have asked about the *origins of the Finesse News Network’s Gear Guide, and why we do it. *
Its genesis stemmed from several requests from Midwest finesse anglers who were constantly searching for new soft-plastic *finesse baits. Thus, we replied * to their requests by saying every time we saw a new one that we would post a brief description of it on In-Fisherman’s blog site.
Most new baits are introduced to the angling world at the ICAST show, which was staged this year on July 11-13 at Orlando, Florida, and that is why there has recently been an*onslaught of briefs that feature a*potpourri*of *new soft-plastic finesse lures. *I suspect there will *be several more briefs in the days to come, and a few more will *undoubtedly appear at other times of the year.*
If readers cross paths with some or know of some soft-plastic finesse baits that we have failed to include in this series, please send us a note, and tell us about them.