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HT ENTERPRISES, INC., industry leaders in the development of high quality, innovative tip-ups, tip-up accessories, lights and lighting systems, now introduce their most recent revelation, and one sure to revolutionize tip-lighting systems--the POLAR NIGHTSTAR TIP-UP LIGHT! The POLAR NIGHTSTAR TIP-UP LIGHT consists of an ultra-bright fiber optic light that uniquely extends along the entire length of your flag wire. When the flag is set in a horizontal position the light is off, but whenever a fish strikes and the flag rises, the tilt switch activates and the fiber optic shaft illuminates, signaling the strike.

The POLAR NIGHTSTAR STRIKE LIGHT utilizes a three way switch, so ice anglers can choose one of two different settings to represent their personal tip-ups—either a continuous illumination or an intermittent, flashing one. This way, if you’re fishing with a partner, you’ll always know who received the strike by the unique signal emitted by the LED. POLAR NIGHTSTAR TIP-UP LITES attach to any standard tip-up flag wire using a simple snap-on clip, and the bright LED can be seen from a long distance. Plus, batteries ARE included! For more information, write: HT Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 909, Campbellsport, WI, 53010.