Cell phones are becoming more and more of an essential need in everyday life, thatís obvious. It can connect us to friends all across the globe, bring us our email instantaneously, and even provide entertainment or be a a buffer to anyone who doesnít deserve our conversation at that moment. Because itís such a norm, I tend to take my cell phone for granted. I recently went on a ringtone and wallpaper downloading spree to add some personality and familiarity. Thatís beside the point though. Even after downloading new apps that Iíll never use and setting ringtones for particular phonebook entries who never call me, Iíve never felt a closer bond to my phone than after reading the infographic below.

To all the people who think your phone is a lifesaver because of the turn by turn navigation, hereís evidence that your phone can actually save your life. With some disassembly required, your phone can become a cutting tool, an incendiary device, or even a compass. Read on and enjoy!